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Alright, I’ll be honest and say that my son prefers to have his feet free of shoes - almost to the point of pain for me watching. But when he’s wearing his Merrell’s he’s able to one up his fearless personality, which in itself is a bit on the unique side. Tayden loves his Merrells, whether he’s wearing the water shoes or his trekking tennis shoes. They are light and easy for him to maneuver in, plus they have a grip that won’t stop when he’s taking his chances on some sketchy trails. We, his parents, wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Merrell.

WIth regard to Merrell’s outerwear collection, our family is going to see it all this year. We’re hitting deserts, rainforest, snow, ice, wind, humidity, you name it and chances are we’ll be in it at one point. I’ve worn a lot of outerwear, but this is the first time I’ve tried Merrell’s. Well I’m hooked. Our family tends to be weight minded, and these weatherproof tops and bottoms are incredibly light, very well thought out for functionality, very impressive color schemes, and contoured to fit a body well. Once again, we thank you Merrell and look forward to updating all those watching as we transition to new weather.

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